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ImageI once heard about making “The List” of what you want in a man on some show years ago…might have been Oprah. She’s always full of helpful advice and good wisdom…maybe her wisdom not to marry is beyond wise. Snarky comment ūüôā

Anyways…after being married to Mr. Idiot who had all the wrong qualities in a man, I thought that I needed to make my list to guide me so I never settle again. My list has lived in my brain and this is the first time I’ve actually written it down. ¬†It’s things I find important that make me happy, and really are qualities that I have myself. Opposites attract…throw that one out the window if you want happiness. To be happy I need to find someone more like me…who gets me.

So here goes…

1. Romantic. This is number one on my list because I live and breathe romance! I want to be swept off my feet by a man who carries me off to bed. Romance novel come to life! Watch a sunset, write a love note, call just because he’s thinking of me…hold my face when he kisses. Loves to kiss…a must! (Mr. Idiot never kissed, no passion, no romance, never watched a sunset together)

2. Funny. I live to laugh. I love to laugh. I find humor in everyday life. He doesn’t need to be a Robin Williams, but he should be a bit witty and make me laugh. ¬†(Mr. Idiot would roll his eyes if I said something funny, made me feel like a complete idiot. He in turn, did not make me laugh much…much too serious and not in the least bit funny.)

3. Athletic. Not meaning a perfect body…but into his health and fitness. Does some type of exercise to work out. A healthy heart…I want him to be around awhile if we end up together. I want a chicken and fish kind of guy…someone who knows what edamames and hummus are, and likes them. (Mr. Idiot was a walker, nothing else. His eating habits were not what mine were…lots of red meat and junk food.

4. ¬†Creative. ¬†I am a very creative person and need a person who is equally creative. ¬†Someone who is creative will understand why I want to stop everything and stare at the sunset…or the moon…or the little ladybug who landed on me. ¬†Creative souls belong together. Mr. Idiot only knew how to create drama.

5. ¬†Playful. ¬†I sometimes don’t act my age… love the swings, tickle fight? okay. ¬†Hide and seek with kisses for prize, yep. I’m like a little puppy…I need another puppy to play with. ¬†Mr. Idiot would put the little playful pup in a cage.

6. ¬†Spontaneous. ¬†Wake up, grab a picnic lunch and take off heading south and take a random exit. ¬†No direction, no set plan…see where the day take us…love this stuff. ¬†Mr. Idiot planned everything…boring!

7. ¬†Mellow. ¬†Not without a pulse, but even-tempered. ¬†No flying off the handle over little things. ¬†Able to discuss feelings in ¬†a calm mature manner and work out differences. ¬†So tired of the walking on eggshell…tip-toeing so I don’t set off the volcano. ¬†Sweet and mellow…ahhh…that sounds perfect to me.

So this is my list and I’m sticking to it. ¬†When I meet a man that has at least 6 of these qualities then I’m going for it. ¬†I’ll let my heart ¬†be open and hopefully find the kind of love I’ve alway dreamed of.


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